PerAero Turbine Designs

Specialist in Turbine Design & Analysis

John Perera is founder of PerAero and an engineering specialist with over 30 years of experience focused on turbine design & analysis. John has provided support for over 25 different companies with axial and radial turbines, as well as other less conventional types: hydraulic, hydro, and tangential flow turbines.  Microturbines for waste heat applications have been of recent interest to customers.

Available Consulting Services

  • New designs and modifications/rerates     
  • Turbine aero and thermo performance analysis
  • Blade profile designs and modifications
  • Exhaust diffusers and hoods
  • Strategies for improved efficiency and structural integrity
  • Diagnostic capabilities for problem resolution
  • Selection and application procedures
  • Software development
  • Training seminars and custom courses

Turbine Applications:

  • Steam turbines (including geothermal)
  • Microturbines for waste heat applications
  • Liquid rocket engine turbopumps
  • Turbo-compressors (space propulsion, closed-cycle power plants)
  • Turbochargers (automotive, locomotive)
  • Hot gas expanders
  • General energy conversion and recovery concepts     


The Aeolus turbine software is now available for licensing! Request your trial copy to evaluate on the Software page


  • Auto Transfer Aeolus to the TurbAero Design System – Users can develop their performance model more easily in Aeolus then seamlessly transfer it to TurbAero for additional analysis with the AxTurb throughflow program
  • PerAero is an authorized distributor for the CompAero and TurbAero software that is now licensed by FlexWare Inc.


  • On-site training seminars are available – See the ‘Seminars’ page for details.


  • Webinars are now available – See the ‘Webinars’ page for details.