Aeolus Software

Turbine Preliminary Design & Performance Analysis

PerAero is the developer of the innovative turbine design & analysis software called Aeolus.  This two-part system is composed of a preliminary design tool coupled with a rigorous meanline performance analysis.  For the past 8 years, Aeolus has been used to design & evaluate various types of axial turbines, ranging from small waste heat expanders to large power generation units (see “Projects” page). 

Many of these client applications required demanding capabilities: 

      – hub & tip analysis (via reduced-order radial equilibrium)                         for more accurate leakage & axial thrust

      – supersonic converging-diverging nozzles (including drilled)

      – partial admission, Curtis stages

      – extractions/inductions/double flow stages

      –  real gas mixtures (NIST) and wet steam (ASME ’97)



Transfer to TurbAero Design System

The Aeolus meanline program is based on many years of industrial turbine design experience. It employs the same basic loss component analysis as theTurbAero design system developed by Ron Aungier (now owned by Flexware Inc.).  Aeolus actually serves as a useful companion program to TurbAero by providing multi-stage sizing and a more versatile meanline analysis with added capabilities that are unavailable from TurbAero.  Aeolus can also transfer its flow path model to TurbAero’s throughflow analysis “AxTurb”.  The performance predictions from Aeolus normally compare quite well with AxTurb’s since they have a similar loss component analysis

More details about this transfer function: 

Aeolus-to-AxTurb Translator


Validation of Prediction Accuracy

Aeolus performance calculations have been validated with a combination of test data and other (commercially available) software methods.  Eight different types of turbine cases are described here:    Aeolus Validation Results

Aeolus has also compared well with AxStreamTM predictions for a     17-stage condensing steam turbine:

    Aeolus Calculations for a 22 MW Steam Turbine.pdf


Experienced-based Methods for Turbine Design & Analysis

Aeolus provides many capabilities that are comparable to other software methods, but is less complex to learn and has much lower cost.  And as both the developer and user with over 30 years of turbine experience, PerAero offers valuable guidance and technical support.  Aeolus should indeed prove worthwhile to those requiring economical state-of-art turbine design & analysis capabilities.

Annual licenses are available for several levels of capability starting at $1,650 USD with software training and technical support included.

Introduction of Aeolus with sample calculations: 

 Aeolus Program Description

Contact for further technical details and pricing or to request an evaluation copy of Aeolus.