Experience Focused on Turbines

John Perera is an independent consultant with 30+ years of experience in turbine design, analysis and application. Since 2007 he has supported numerous clients with independent consultation on a variety of turbine and expanderapplications as PerAero Turbine Designs.  Prior to this he was employed with Concepts NREC from 2002 to 2007 as the Associate Director of Turbine Aerodynamics.  In this role his expertise was applied to a wide variety of turbines including steam, hydro, and hydraulic applications, liquid rocket engine turbopumps, turbo-compressors and alternators for spacecraft propulsion, turbochargers, and various energy recovery concepts.  He also provided course instruction in turbine design and software training internationally.

Prior to joining Concepts NREC, John was employed with Elliott Turbomachinery Company (a subsidiary of Ebara Corporation) from 1977 to 2002, where he became technical lead for aero development of all turbine products, including steam and geothermal turbines, as well as turbochargers and power recovery expanders. He also managed the aero design of power turbine and exhaust system for the FT8 industrial gas turbine. While at Elliott Company, his responsibilities covered the following areas of expertise:

  • design of high performance blade profiles and inlet/exhaust systems for both new products as well as aftermarket applications
  • laboratory and field performance testing of single- and multi-stage turbines
  • consultation on proper selection and application procedures
  • development of performance prediction methods.

John has developed high-performance blade designs and associated performance prediction methods for many different types of turbines. He has extensive experience with both impulse and reaction designs, partial admission, Curtis stages, transonic/supersonic applications and low-pressure condensing stages.

John is an ASME member and has published and co-authored technical papers on a variety of topics in turbine design and performance improvement.