Large Turbines

> 200 kW or > 100mm diameter

Steam Turbines

  • Determined hardware requirements and calculated performance for several 2-wheel Curtis stage rerates and a 5-stage Rateau rerate
  • Audited the aero performance of two steam turbines with transonic blading and high moisture levels: a 3-stage low pressure section and a 9-stage condensing application
  • Created an efficiency improvement strategy for a supersonic, partial admission Curtis stage. Designed higher performance blading and generated new application data
  • Audited the performance expectations for an 11-stage turbine and the first stage redesign for an 15-stage turbine. Obtained excellent agreement between Aeolus and AxStreamTM performance calculations of all 15 stages
  • Created a comprehensive theoretical procedure for calculating the performance of multi-stage steam turbines for a world renown steam turbine manufacturer. Extended software robustness for low flow & highly loaded stages.

  Geothermal and Solar Thermal Turbines

  • Evaluated the performance potential of an 8-stage, single flow and 9-stage double flow steam turbine when reapplied for geothermal use. Provided sensitivity analysis and performance mapping
  • Developed a family of small steam turbines that operate on solar heated steam. These were 5- to 10- stage units operating with partial admission and generating 5 to 60 kWe

Hot Gas Expanders

  • Developed optimization strategies, performance analysis and preliminary design of blading and inlet/exhaust diffuser systems for a waste heat recovery expander for an aero-derivative gas engine


  • Evaluated performance improvements for the radial-inflow turbine in a high specific speed turbocharger
  • Redesigned the inlet volute for reduced losses
  • Redesigned a turbocharger turbine to rematch it to a new higher performance compressor design
  • Constructed new nozzle profiles and modified existing rotor blades to best match the new operating conditions

Gas Turbines

  • Determined gas path sizing and developed impulse and reaction blading for a new turbocompound engine
  • Determined axial thrust loads and negative thrust in a 2-stage industrial gas power turbine

Supercritical Turbine

  •   Developed a preliminary flow path and blade detail designs for a supercritical CO2 turbine for a nuclear a nuclear power generation system

Hydropower and Renewable Energy

  • Evaluated various flow path and blade designs for an air turbine with diffuser for an ocean wave energy application
  • Generated performance maps in support of a coupled system analysis and constructed preliminary blade profiles in CAD format
  • Provided conceptual and preliminary designs of hydrodynamic turbines for both river current and tidal applications.